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Brown's Gas

Brown's Gas was named after Yull Brown who discovered that by the electrolysis of water a certain stoichiometric mix of hydrogen and oxygen atoms existed that was flammable. Brown's gas was named by Yull Brown who died in 1998 and the name continues to this day.

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Brown's Gas

Brown's Gas

Brown's gas is also sometimes called Rhodes Gas (after William A. Rhodes who predated Brown), oxyhydrogen, hydroxy and HHO gas. There has much controversy and confusion over the years as to just what Browns gas is.

For instance, some called the substance 2H2O2 while others simply call it HHO. The recent thinking is that Brown's gas contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen in a kind of loose molecular bond that is flammable and can be combustible under the right conditions.

Some researchers will talk about Brown's gas in its mon-atomic state versus its di-atomic state saying that the electrolyzer must cause a particular endothermic reaction to form the mon-atomic states of hydrogen and oxygen, which burn more energetically than its di-atomic counterpart.

So, when one produces Brown's gas by electrolyzing water in theory several different structures of hydrogen and oxygen occur including mon-atomic hydrogen and oxygen, di-atomic hydrogen and oxygen, water vapor and something some researchers call "expanded water." Heat is also produced in this reaction.

Brown's gas is now used in the welding industry and can be used to clean up nuclear waste, but the focus of this website is how Brown's gas is used in the emerging industry of using HHO generators in cars.

Kit and Kaboodle ...

Brown's gas kits can help drivers lower emissions and increase gas mileage now. Some drivers and entrepreneurs are buying Brown's gas plans through readily available eBooks such as the ones advertised on this website to create their own HHO gas generators.

Some will use a Brown's gas generator on their own car, while another may make several and start selling them online, turning this clean energy alternative into a thriving Internet business.

Whichever direction you go, be sure that Brown's gas is here to stay. As more drivers daily are achieving substantial success with their Brown's gas generators and word of mouth spreads, more interest will be shown by the larger players.

Right now, Brown's gas has been mentioned as viable technology by the U. S. Department of Transportation, the National Hydrogen Association and is being sold by several large companies in the U. S. and Canada. Ronn Motors is even using it in their Scorpion eco exotic sports car.

In just a few years, Brown's gas generators may be inside every Pep Boys, AutoZone, Kragen and NAPA nationwide. But, why wait, when you can start saving gas and the environment right now?


Readers' Comment:

I was browsing your site and on Yull Brown's page a noticed a little mistake in the bulgarian name of the inventor. His bulgarian name is in English Iliya Vylkov or Iliya Valkov.

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