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Brown's Gas Generator

A Brown's gas generator can be used in either the welding or automotive industry. For the purposes of this website, we will talk about the Brown's gas generator for cars and other vehicles in more depth.

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Brown's Gas Generator

Brown's Gas Generator

The Brown's gas generator as it applies to cars, truck, SUVs and other vehicles is an aftermarket device that one can add-on to increase gas mileage and reduce tailpipe emissions. The Brown's gas generator creates oxyhydrogen or HHO by the electrolysis of water.

Commonly an electrolyte such as baking soda, potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide are added to distilled water in order to make it more conductive to electricity. A Brown's gas generator can be configured as a single cell or a series of cells in order to produce more oxyhydrogen, but this depends upon the size of the vehicle.

Smaller vehicles may only need one Brown's gas generator where an SUV or pickup truck may require two or more in a series for optimal output and performance. Safety is one of the top issues when dealing with Brown's gas generators on two different levels.

First, the catalyst may be caustic and cause damage to skin or open sores. Second, the Brown's gas that is being generated is flammable and may be explosive if used incorrectly.

A device the prevents flashback is most often part of the Brown's gas plans or Brown's gas kits that one can buy online. Also checking for leaks is a good idea as well as keeping the Brown's gas generator away from the hotter parts of the engine to avoid over heating.

Some parts of the Brown's gas generator may actually melt if too much electrolyte is used or the engine temperatures are too hot along with outside ambient temperatures. Death Valley in the middle of July may be problematic for some Brown's gas generators, while others may handle this heat just fine.

The Brown's gas generator should also be configured so that it only operates when the vehicle is running and not when auxiliary power is operating. The wiring information should be included with the kit or eBook one purchases.

Although one would never know it by the name a Brown's gas generator is a very green device, helping to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and extend MPG's. Why not step on the gas and get a Brown's gas generator today?

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