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How to Make Brown's Gas

How to make Brown's gas is a question asked by many who want to use this knowledge for good rather than evil. And, by evil, I mean to blow things up. Because, as you already must know, Brown's gas is both flammable and combustible.

How to Make Brown's Gas
How to Make Brown's Gas

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So, my assumption is that you are coming to this website looking for information on how to make Brown's gas so that you can use this for your car. Yes, filling up a balloon full of Brown's gas is fine to impress your friends.

But, you know what will impress them more? When you tell them that you are making Brown's gas in your car on demand and it is increasing your gas mileage significantly and decreasing your tailpipe emissions.

Since green is the new red, as in red hot, is popular to be doing everything you can to go green right now. This means making Brown's gas in your automobile, saving money and saving the environment at the same time.

Well, if you want to know the cliff note version on how to make Brown's gas, all your need is aluminum, water and drain cleaner. But, here is your mandatory cautionary note: Be very careful with this concoction because as I have already stated it is flammable and combustible. I don't want to give too many details because of the wackos looking to misuse the substance.

There are dozens of Youtube videos on how to make Brown's gas that show people blowing up stuff. This is not child's play. Making Brown's gas is serious business. Now, if you'd like to know how to make Brown's gas for automotive purposes read on.

Most people who make Brown's gas for their cars do so by electrolyzing water and injecting the resulting Brown's gas into their vehicle's intake system. Many Brown's gas eBooks are available online (including the ones' advertised on this site) that will give you specifics on how to do this.

The big picture is that you must have a container for the water, some electrolyte such as baking soda or KOH (lye) and an electrical charge that splits the water into Brown's gas. The electrical charge will most likely come from your alternator and travel to an anode and cathode in the container.

Once Brown's gas is created on demand, it must be ported into the vehicle's intake system. From there Brown's gas will help your gasoline or diesel fuel burn more cleanly and completely offering better mileage and lower emissions.

Remember to wear gloves when mixing the electrolyte and check for leaks after installing the Brown's gas generator. Also, place the generator in the coolest place possible under the hood to help avoid in overheating.

Knowing how to make Brown's gas come with responsibilities to yourself and others. Handle it with care and it will pay you back both financially and environmentally.

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